The Defenders of Harkenwold

Epilogue: Defenders of Harkenwold

With Redthorn dead the group found the key to the dungeon and quickly rescued Baron Stockmer and Reithann. The Baron made sure that those who died during the assault on the keep were given a proper burial. Davlamin and Vathos were buried in Harken and many throughout the area came to pay their respects. Two weeks passed from when the group said goodbye to their friends, many in the group helped to repair the broken region as Baron Stockmer returned to power. He bestowed upon the group an official title, The Defenders of Harkenwold. They were treated as royalty, parades and celebrations rang out to all corners of Harkenwold. One afternoon the group had gotten word that many within Albridge wished to hear of the groups exploits and offered free ale in return. The group took them up on the offer and went on to Albridge.

A lone man traveled the road toward ALbridge. He had been chasing a farmer for some time before finally lossing him in the brush as he walked he heard the sound of hooves from behind him. I tiefling rode a horse, he was wearing black armor with a large great sword on his back, he was carrying a large moist sack. He told the man, “get out of my way peasant.” He then pushed the man over as he rode past. The stranger on the road got up and followed the man.

Back at the taven the Defenders of Harkenwold told stories of their exploits as the tiefling rode up to them. He entered the tavern and approached the group. “Heroes of Harkenwold, Melech Ambrose sends a message.” He then tossed the sack on the table. Haru opened the bag to see the decapitated head of Reithann. The group attacked the tiefling but were given the fight of their lives. By this time the man on the road had found his way too to the taven and saw the fight and joined in the fun. He attacked anyone who was close to him before turning his attention to the tiefling. The tiefling put up a fight before being put down by Felin. The new comer introduced himself as William as Haru searched the tiefling’s body to find a note. He then left to go and ask Dar Gremith what had happened. The rest of the group with William soon followed.

Dar Gremith could see the initials F.C on the note with a list of names. He told Haru and the group to go to Baron Stockmer to look it over. Once in Harken the group found the Baron and asked what the note was…

“why this is a hit list… With Reithann, Dar Gremith, Eriyel, and the Defenders of Harkenwold’s name on it. The F.C stood for the Fell Court and Melech Ambrose was their leader. He was the one sending the gold to the Iron Circle. Haru and the group decided he had to be stopped. They desided to leave the comfort of Harkenwold and travel to Fallcrest and stop him and the hit list. Baron Stockmer warned the group this man is not Nazin Redthorn. He is well liked by many in Fallcrest and has immense wealth and influence even as far up as the Baron of Fallcrest. The group rested for the night and gathered their supplies. Before they left Rodrik told the group that he would stay behind to protect the Baron and those who were left from future attack. They said their goodbyes as the group of Andraste, Felin, Haru, Minron, Wakelynne, and followed by William, took off towards the Raven Roost Road as to not be seen coming down the King’s Road.

And so a new adventure begins…



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