The Defenders of Harkenwold


The Gnolls descended on the group and they scattered. Soon the group was overwhelmed by the gnolls skill. A Large gnoll appeared on a high ridge near by and pointed at Thorn. “Shield… now… no kill.. No Shield… Die!” The group refused to give up the shield and continued the fight. They seemed to have the fight in hand until the large gnoll attacked. He pulled out a large staff and shot at Andraste killing her. Not before their new cleric ally fell to the ravenous gnolls. Thorn saw that the fight was lost and threw the shield to the gnoll. They began to leave but Haru and the rest refused to be defeated there. They continued the attack but were out matched. They began to run frantically into the forest to escape with their lives. As they did they were passed by a Drow a large human and a halfing who ran towards the gnolls. The group was scattered in the woods but were not followed. They could hear the sounds of the battle behind them as they slowly made there way back to Shallows point. Korem was not as lucky as he went off course. He ended up camping for the night after hours of walking but he was not alone. He was approached by the Drow and his friends. He greeted the Goliath and they all had dinner together. “My name is Drizzt , the human is Wulfgar, and my small friend is Regas . I believe this shield belongs to you.” Dinner was pleasent and the next morning they head back to town. As the group of Haru, Felin, Thorn, and Wakelynne made it back to town.

They were approached by Captian Belin who asked them to follow him. He lead the group down to the towns dungeon. There they saw the devious Madok in chains. Belin told them what happened and after hours of interrogation he revealed that he wanted to reward money for your deaths. It was all a set up. Korem and his new companions came in that next day where they all reconvened about the loss the previous day. Meanwhile Haru went to Belin and asked for his support in Fallcrest. He had to decline. “there is too much work here for us. Orcs to the East, Raven Roost to the south, and monsters to the North.” Haru agreed to help Belin with some of his problems while exacting a bit of revenge. He went back to the group and told them…

“We are going back to Raven-Roost Manor”



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