The Defenders of Harkenwold

Onward to Fallcrest

Our heroes head north on the Raven Roost Road to begin their search for Melech Ambrose in Fallcrest. There first day took them through the Harken Forest. Felin quickly realized the stories of his people were true as the group was being followed by creatures in the woods. As the shadows grew closer the group began to run except for William who kept at the same pass. As the group looked back they could see the tree creatures reaching for the warlock but could not seem to pass the road they traveled on. As the group reached the end of the Hakren forest they looked back to see hundreds of the creatures looking at them from behind the tree line. The group made camp for the night and continued the next day onward.

Half the day had passed without any sign of trouble that was until a rogue owlbear attacked the group. The beast took a liking to Minron as he attacked he scooped up the Minotaur and began to lick him before being killed. After the owlbear the group walked a bit fatherer before setting up camp for the night. As the group began to settle in a carriage rode up. The men were wearing flamboyant clothing with masks covering their faces. A man stood up and introduced himself.

“Good evening travelers I am Samuel of the Raven Roost Performers. For just a few gold we can entertain you on this summer’s eve. Minron decided he wanted to see what it was about and gave them gold. The group spread out as Samuel fought with one of his men showing his great swordsmanship. After the performance the group thanked the heroes and headed on their way.

The group rested for the night before continuing down the road that night as they went to set up camp Andraste found out that all of their gold was gone. They had been swindled by the “performers.” They then decided to build an enormous fire to help maybe attract the bandits back to them… but they did not attract the bandits. Wolves began to attack the group but were quickly dispatched. As the group rested they could see a house off in the distance. Wakelynne, Andraste, and Felin decided to move towards the house. Leaving Minron, Haru, and William with the fire. Soon they were quickly surrounded by double the amount of wolves as before. Down the road Wakelynne had a change of heart and ran back to aid the group. It was just in time as they were being overwhelmed by the wolves.

Meanwhile Felin and Andraste had made it to the house. Felin hide as Andraste knocked. A young women with red hair opened the door and invited the girl inside. She explained that this was raven roost manor and that it was an Inn for travelers to stay for just a gold. Felin came in seeing that there was no danger. The two found some gold as another 2 man entered the room. The younger of the two men took their gold began to lead them to where their supplies could be stored for the night as the older man went up stairs. As the Andraste and Felin stopped in the middle of the floor the man from the top yelled “welcome to the home of the Raven Roost.” He pulled a level and Andraste fell in to a trap. Felin fought to hold on to the floor but quickly fell behind her. They fell 20 feet before hitting the floor. Around them were 3 chained zombies waiting to strike. They had trouble getting around them and they were bitten. Soon the two were able to put down the three…. But could not get out



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