The Defenders of Harkenwold

Raven-Roost Manor

Hard Lesson

The battle with the wolves seemed bleak as Haru, Minron, William, and Wakelynne fought on against the wolves. They were cornered and being mauled but they soon found and ally in the most unusual of things. A roaming ogre spotted the fire from some way off and came to investigate. The creature could only be understood by Haru who could hear the beast speak. “Wolves.. good… eat.” The ogre attacked the dire wolves and soon the pack turned on the giant. After killing a dire wolf the ogre picked up Minron as he saw another snack for later. Haru was able to convince the ogre that all that hair would get in his teeth and that he would not taste good at all. The ogre dropped Minron and the wolves scattered as the dire wolves fell. William did not heed Haru’s warning and attacked the creature the ogre soon put down William before beginning to cook his wolf on the fire. The group urged William to move to the house where Andraste and Felin had gone earlier but he stayed. He continued to attack the ogre. The beast became furious and killed William and continued to bash him into the ground to make sure he would not attack again.

The group made it to the house and were greeted by Evelyn Raven-Roost. Who gave the same speech as she had done earlier to Andraste and Felin earlier. Haru caught on to the ruse before it was too late and Evelyn and her minions attacked. The group fended them off not before the trap door was opened. Felin yelled as loud as he could and Haru heard him. As the group helped the two out of the dungeon they were convinced by Minron that these were the people who stole their gold and they needed to search for it. As they went up stairs they set off a number of traps but they avoided them. Soon they found their gold and more and as they made their way out they were stopped by Samuel Raven-Roost who was the one that stole their gold earlier. The group fought easily dispatching of the raven roost performers but Samuel was something else. He fought hard and struck even harder. Soon the group knew they needed to escape. Wakelynne picked up Felin, who had been knocked out in the battle and ran for the raven roost carriage outside. Haru went back in to help the rest escape but went down in the process. Minron bravely went back inside to help Haru. Haru made it to the cart but Minron did not. The horses became spooked and ran without the Minron. Samuel cursed as Haru, Wakelynne, ANdraste and Felin sped off from the manor. They did not know what became of Minron but it could not have been good. He saved their lives that night and they would never forget that.



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