The Defenders of Harkenwold

Shallow Point

The Heroes battered and defeated traveled north from Raven-Roost Manor as fast as they could. After a day they could see lights off in the distance. They were tired and losing steam. Felin was still unconscious and needed medical attention and the rest needed rest. They entered the town and were soon greeted by the guards of the small town later known to them as Shallow Point. They were rushed into the near by garrison where there wounds were tended to. They were soon approached by the leader of the town, Captian Belian. The group explained their trouble with Samuel Raven-Roost and the rest of his bandits. Belian gave his sympathies and sent them to the near by inn for rest.

Korem the Goliath had been traveling down from the near by mountain The Thunderspire. He soon entered the community of Shallow Point and was eagerly approached by a nerves fast talking half elf that had a proposition for the intimidating Goliath. The elf’s name was Madok and he asked Korem to find a group of people to raid a local crypt for him. He wanted an old shield of a long dead magister. Korem agreed and looked towards the local Inn for recruits.

Inside the Inn Haru, Wakelynne, Andraste,and Felin sat down to rest for the first time in days. As they discussed their next move they were approached by a black dragonborn. He seemed to be drunk and continued to insult Haru and the rest of the group. As the group argued the goliath entered the bar and saw that is group was a good group to have in this venture.He was soon followed by a local cleric. Mirodin. He asked the group to join them and they agreed. Soon they met with Madok who explained that they would recieve a reward for returning the shield to him after the dive was complete. The group agreed and set off. They soon found that the Dragonborn’s name was Thorn. The group was led to where the crypt was located and quickly dove in. As soon as they went in they found resistance from a group of roaming zombies. The Goliath soon proved his worth by cutting down many of the undead rotters. As the group moved forward they were attacked by spiders of the crypt. Once the largest fell the rest scattered. Soon they found the crypt and the shield. It was finely made embroidered with bear fur and a wolfs head in the center. The group took only what they needed and left. As they exited the crypt they were met by Madok. He seemed shocked that they made it. The elf asked for the shield but the group asked for more gold for their injuries. The elf refused and as Thorn began to intimidate the elf. Madok told the group he was not alone… Soon the group could see they were surrounded by a group of gnolls and were given no choice but to fight.



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