The Defenders of Harkenwold

Taking the Iron Keep: Dark Presence

The doors are pulled back, in front of them is an empty dinning hall. The fire still going strong, the chairs were on the ground and with food still on the plates. The group enters cautiously and searches the room. They could not find anything wrong with the room other than the fact that after making a grand entrance into the Keep courtyard that no one was waiting to ambush them. A small door was seen on the other end of the room. Felin quickly went to investigate. He could hear rustling and the clanging of metal behind the door. Haru told the group to be ready there was probably an ambush waiting for them. They opened the door to see a frightened man holding a pan as his only defense. “Stop right there…. I’m…. I’m warning you!” Vathos tried to calm the man but he soon ran and hid. Vathos followed him to a storage closet. He was finally able to calm the man to come out. He explained he was just a chief under Baron Stockmer when Redthorn took the keep. He told them that there were others locked in the servant quarters. The group unlocked the door and saw 4 scared men. After a brief conversation the group wanted to help them. They gave them the last of their rations to help boost their stamina and told them where Stockmer would be held. Haru told them to run the path was clear but they decided to lock themselves inside until it was all over.

Haru made his way to the only door leading outside and without hesitation he opened it. He was surprised by 6 sentries on the walls who quickly opened fire on him taking him out. He was quickly moved from the doorway as the ranged fighters struck true to their marks and made quick work of them as Haru healed. The group quickly moved up the stairs to the keep itself but the door was locked. As they looked to the side the main enterance to the keep had a draw bridge that raised quickly to seal off another enterance. The group turned back and took the high ground. As they went a large bang of Iron was heard echoing in the distance. Every room they entered was the same as the last… deserted.

As the group moved they could tell a thick mist had begun to cover the ground. It stopped them in their tracks. Vathos went down to see what was happening. He cautiously entered the mist, it did not harm him. He could hear whispers in his ear as he listened harder he could hear the voices and see the ghostly apparitions of Iron Circle solders running for their lives. He looked around the corner and could see the mist was billowing out of two double iron doors just feet away. He returned to the group and told them of his ghostly experience. Haru took charge and told them we need to see what is going on here. As the group approached the door Andraste gave the group light as Rodrik deciphered the banner above the door. It was the tattered remains of the god Bahamut desicrated with the symbol of the god of the Nine Hells, Asmodeus.
Rodrik and Haru took the lead as they grabbed both double doors. They counted to 3. 1…2…3.. as they pulled the doors open they were hit with a blast of energy that extinguished Andraste’s light. It was an old temple for Bahamut also desecrated with the likeness of Asmodeus. Black candles light them selves down the room until the end was light. 3 Tar Monsters stood there speaking in a demonic language. They soon spoke in a language they could understand. They spoke in unison “All shall fall to their knees in front of our lord Asmodeus!” As Wakelynne, Minron, and Rodrik moved in to attack the Monsters the rest of the group found themselves surrounded by Iron Circle. Felin shot at one at point blank but it did nothing to faze him. The group quickly realized something was wrong and moved into the temple and closed the doors behind them. The monsters worked with fire as they attacked the group, but were quickly overwhelmed by the heroes. Until Felin was grabbed from out of no where by another monster and dragged up the stairs. Davlamin and Andraste soon followed them upstairs trying to free their friend. Meanwhile the ghostly beings outside banged harder and harder at the doors until they began to crack.

Tar devil guardFelin was quickly sufficated under the arm of the massive beast as he turned into a room. As Davlamin entered the room there was an older man dressed in Iron Circles clothing. "Ahhh yes sacrifices to the great Asmodeus, kill them my follower. Davlamin was soon joined by Andraste and Vathos who struggled to free the elf. Downstairs the battle ragged as the doors finally broke. Unleashing a dozen Iron Circle Ghouls. Minron saw that the alter was adorned in blood and went to destroy the alter but was quickl;y stopped by the stone that it was made of. Rodrik quickly ran over and wiped the blood from the alter. The ghouls fell to the ground no longer a threat. They soon went upstairs to help their friends. As they approached Davlamin was thrown from the room infront of them. The tar beast was dead but the man was alive and slowly absorbing health from the group. Soon the group organized around the man and through nothing more then a full on onslaught killed the evil cleric. The group regained what little strength they had left and made ready to press on… to Redthorn…



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