The Defenders of Harkenwold

Taking the Iron Keep: Infiltration

The group soon arrived back at Albridge. As they approached the town bodies laid in every direction. Iron Circle, Halfling, Solders, and Elves. As they approached the wall Elven archers soon popped up ready to attack. Just as soon as the archers were ready to release a voice cried, “Stop! They are friends.” It was Eriyel. She soon lead them to Dar Gremith who told the group that the battle had been won but at a great price. Many were dead or missing. The group explained that Redthorn had joined the battle and had fled. Dar gremith explained he had most likley gone to the Iron Keep to regroup. If he did he would attack again soon and they would all die. The group needed to enter the keep, find, and kill Redthorn. As most of the group went off to sleep Vathos and Felin stayed behind and talked to Dar Gremith. There was a man named Samuel inside the town who escaped from the keep just days before the battle. The two went off to find the man. He was jumpy and not to keen to answer questions but soon after some diplomicy and brides opened up to the two-sum. He gave them a map and told them were the dungeon and redthorn may be. He pleaded with the men to not harm his friends inside the keep. They were there when Redtorn first took the keep over a year ago and have nothing to do with his dealings. The two agreed and set off to tell the others.

The next day the group went to talk to Dar Gremith on what they had discovered and that they needed a way in. They spoke of impersonating Iron Circle solders and becoming prisoners of the Iron Circle, but later agreed that it was best if they smuggled there way inside posing as a shipment of supplies. Minron, Haru, and Wakelynne hid in the cart as Felin and Andraste pretended to be the drivers. Davlamin, Rodrik, and Vathos took the role of Iron Circle defending the cart in these trying times. As they approached the gate they were stopped by a Tiefling “Stop, what is your business here? what is in the cart?” Vathos tried to convince the tiefling that they were just a supply line coming from Fallcrest with their rations. It was not easy but he was able to convince him. As they entered the enterance courtyard the tiefling forced the Iron Circle members to the wall and drew his sword. Vathos tried one effort to convince him that the cart was just supplies. He thrust his sword into the back of the cart into Minron. Who did not say a word! The ploy did not work however, he ordered his men to attack. Minron, Haru, and Wakelynne soon reveled themselves and fought. Davlamin and Felin used their range to take out the sentinels above them. While the rest of the group focused on the tiefling guard and his Iron Circle comrades. As they fought a bell rang out in the tower. If the Redthorn did not know they were here before he did now. Soon the dozen of solders laid dead at their feet. It was another close battle for the group as Davlamin and Vathos both were almost killed before being saved just in the nick of time. The battle field fell silent as the group new they needed to get out of the open and fast. Two double doors stood near by. The group ran to them to not be seen even more as dusk turned into night. The group stood on guard as they pushed the doors open….



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