The Defenders of Harkenwold

Taking the Iron Keep: Liberation

The group went to the dining hall to search for the secret entrance to Redthorn’s chambers and an outline of a door was quickly spotted by Felin and Wakelynne on the other end of the room. Haru was quick to unlatch the door and soon the group went up the narrow staircase with Rodrik leading the way. On the way up Haru had slipped but was caught by Minron. The group looked down to see blood staining the floor beneath them. Rodrik was quick to kick open the door to find Redthorn. He was not as he was from before. He seemed deranged almost manic in his appearance and actions with blood covering his hands. He was quickly aided by his personal adept and his hobgoblin body guards.

Redthorn deadThe group sprang into action as Rodrik and Felin went after the adept. The rest of the group focused on rethorn’s large hobgoblin body guards. The adept did not stand a chance as felin’s arrows flew true to their target killing the adept but not before Rodrik was flung into a table by the adept’s magic. As he fell Redthorn dropped to his knees and began to draw upon the floor. It was a magic ritual that summoned a tar guard. It was not long before he was put down by the vampire Wakelynne’s claws. Redthorn soon summoned another guard that attacked Andraste. Andraste had fallen prone in a small room just off of the main battle. The guard followed her in to attack. She was quick to roll out of the way on the first attack and then used ray of frost on the floor beneath the tar guard. He also fell prone as he attacked on the floor. Neither could land a direct hit until Davlamin took a shot at the beast finally killing it. At this point Haru had been knocked out and Redthorn had summoned a spiked tar devil to fight for him. Minron leaped at the beast and grappled him as the beast flew across the room nearly missing Rodrik who had been attacking Redthorn, while the last of the hobgoblins fell to the attack of the spiked devil. Minron was finally able to slam the beast to the ground as he and wakelynne finished him off. All that remained was redthorn. Rodrik stuck hard as he took of redthorn’s arm. He became more and more manic as the battle went on. Minron sliced through his back and most of what remained of his other arm. Andraste was able to freeze him within ice to where he could not move. Redthorn then swung at Minron wildly and missed. It caused Rodrik to attack the Iron Circle commander. He drove his sword deep into the back of Redthorn. “It’s Over!” He then turned his sword within the man killing him.

Redthorn fell and the group began to collect themselves as they had accomplished what they had set out to do liberate Harkenwold from the Iron Circle. As they as they searched the room they found themselves not in the same room that they entered. The room was empty as they heard the shallow laughter coming from the slain redthorn. He began to stand and congratulated the group.

“Great work everyone, wow I really didn’t think you would have gotten this far. Very good.” He tries to clap for the group “I would clap but it seems Redthorn doesn’t have a hand haha.” He introduced himself as Asmodeus, King of the Nine Hells. The group was shocked as he told them to lower their weapons. He asked the group why they meddled in his business. Minron and Haru answered theat they wanted to stop the Iron Circle. Asmodeus then began to explot the groups fears and downfalls in order to get the group fired up but they kept their cool. He then asked Davlamin to join him up front. He then explained that Davlamin was a knight of Asmodeus but did not follow the orders of his commander to kill his old family and was to be executed for it when the group found him.
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“Hold on for one moment, this body is becoming weak.” He then seemed to leave Redthorn’s body and a moment later was inside Davlamin. Andraste began to pray but it only angered Asmodeus. He then placed his thumb upon a praying andraste, she then passed out. “I am bored of this game.” He then did the same to everyone else one after another. In an unconscious state the group saw a vision of Asmodeus, “Placing my thumb upon your forehead gives you my mark. All my servants will be able to see this mark and will try to kill you. As for Davlamin he must be punished for his crimes.” The demon then cut Davlamin’s throat.

The group awoke moments later not knowing what to think. They continued with freeing the rightful ruler of Harken, Baron Stockmer. The Iron Circle was defeated and rebuilding would soon begin.



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