The Defenders of Harkenwold

Taking the Iron Keep: The Dungeon

After the battle with the dark cleric the group realized that they did not have much left in them, they had to get to Redthorn fast or they would die. As they left the chapel they found the bodies of the Iron Circle men who had attacked them. Their bodies seemed to have decomposed rather quickly and looked as though they had been there for weeks. The group quickly made their way to the mages tower in order to get out of the open. They gathered around the door as Rodrik opened it. Nothing seemed to stand out in the room but an old book at the far end of the room. The group entered quickly and quietly as to not be heard. Felin quickly examined the book. It was in a language he could not understand but he could make out the drawings of different locations inside the Nentir Vale. Vathos soon joined him in examining the desk and book. He could tell the distinct claw marks of Tar beasts on the desk at that moment Felin tried to read on as the language in the book became more erratic eventually turning to a language written in blood. Vathos decided to take the book, as he did he noticed the symbol for Asmodeus carved into the desk. He quickly drew his sword and scratched it out. The group decided to head up the stairs of the mage tower. Upstairs they found nothing more than an empty room. The only thing of value was a large blue arcane infused orb. Davlamin quickly scooped it up into his bag.

As the group searched they noticed a large iron door in the room. Haru was quick to unlock it and slow to open the door. Outside was a small walk way covered in the mist they had seen before. The door on the other end seemed to enter the keep itself. As the group entered the keep they found themselves in a small living quarter’s area. They could hear footsteps from outside the door and quickly gathered themselves to attack. Haru once again took the lead and sprang into action. He was quickly ambushed by sentries and large dragonborn. The group fought on until only a dragonborn remained. Vathos and Minron intimidated the beast into thinking his only way out was to end his own life…. He did. The group quickly realized they needed to find Baron Stockmar within the keeps dungeon and quickly went down stairs.

They were greeted by a slu of Iron Circle men.Vathos As they fought against them Rodrik accidently killed a defenseless servant and began to go on a rampage against his foes. Soon a door from the dungeon opened to reveal a tar beast that joined the fight. Vathos stood close to the door as he was attacked from behind by the Keeps executioner. Vathos went down quickly and Rodrik tried to help his comrade as the executioner laid his weapon into the chest of Vathos. As Vathos took his last breath Felin avenged his ally by putting an arrow straight in the man’s face. The battle was won but at a great cost, Vathos was dead…

Haru and the group moved into the dudgeon to hear a familiar voice greet them. It was Reithann the Druid. She spoke quickly because she knew what the group needed to do. She told them took look into the farthest cell for the Baron. Haru checked the cell to find a broken Baron Stockmar. He thanked the group for getting this far but there was still work to do. He said there was a secret entrance on the second level to enter Redthorn’s bedroom and that he could not help more than that because he was so weak. The group gathered their supplies and paid their respects to Vathos as they began to head towards Redthorn’s chambers.



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