The Defenders of Harkenwold

The Battle Of Albridge

The next day the group was awakened by the sound of the church bells ringing as those around them scattered to their positions. Haru and Davlamin were nowhere to be found. Dar Gremith approached the group and asked where they wanted to be, they decided to take to the defense of the town. Dar Gremith then told them to go south to the road behind the front lines to stop anyone who passed the lines.

The group of Andraste, Felin, Minron, Rodrik, Vathos, and Wakelynne took their position by an old farmhouse. They were quickly found by a large group of Iron Circle and drakes. The group fought as they never had before. No risks were taken as the group held their position. A storm began to move in as the battle waged on. The group became battered and bloody as Haru emerged from the woods to help fight against their foes. Soon the drakes were slain and the Iron Circle defeated. Then a voice in the distance, “You have been a thorn in my side for too long! Today you face Nazin Redthorn Commander of the Iron Circle!”

Battle of albridge1

Soon the group realized they were surrounded by all they had fought. Tar beasts, drakes, Bullywugs, and Redthorn’s first in command. The group was battered and bloody as they took their positions. Andraste, Haru, Wakelynne, and Minron held back the Bullywog advance. Rodrik proved that he was indeed a warrior of the Fey as he held the wall against the drake and Tar beasts with the support of Vathos and Felin. Andraste showed that she is not a woman to trifle with, as the rain soon came pouring down. She quickly destroyed many Iron Circle solders with her zones of death. Haru took the fight to his hated enemy the bullywogs as Wakelynne sucked the life out of them. Minron was able to slice his way through the drakes and anyone who came close to the raging warrior with his mighty axe. Vathos used his healing to help the lines hold while quickly giving insult to his enemies. Felin struck true through the rain as he hit again and again at the advancing rabble. Rodrik gave everything he had against his enemies until he and his allies were just about to break… when a flash of lighting hit the battlefield… and there stood Davlamin with little words to say, “I hate Rituals…” He soon opened up apon the general saving Rodrik from death. The tide of battle had turned as Redthron joined in the fight.

Redthorn charged the group and opened up a flurry of area attacks on the group slowly wiping them out. The group was able to find what little strength they had to hold on. Soon Davlamin was able to kill Redthorn’s general when he held his rod to the generals face and blasted him at point blank range. Redthorn then yelled, “THIS IS FAR FROM OVER! We will regroup and crush what little forces you have left!” He then fleed the battle field as the group dispatched of the few remaining Iron Circle forces. The battle field soon grew quiet. The group searched for what little was left of the general. They soon discovered that Redthorn’s general was a tar monster and that he wielded a strange but powerful flail. As the rain came down on them it was time to return to Albridge to see what had become of the town and the rebellion.



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