A tall, scrawny human in his late 20’s/ He has block tattoos from his face to his hip. Bald and short tempered.


Bloody and beaten our adventurers meet Davlamin as a prisoner of the Iron Circle. He was on his way to Harken to be executed for his crimes against the Nentir Vale. He later joined the group and became an invaluable member against the Iron Circle. When the group came face to face with the god Asmodeus, the god explained that Davlamin was a member of the group called the knights of Asmodeus but disobayed his comander and was being sent to his death. The group could do nothing as they saw Davlamin killed in front of them by the god himself. He was given a proper funeral, even though there was no body,for all the good he did against the Iron Circle.

Buried in Harken


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