Master Himura


Mentor as well as master to Haru, legendary sword style that died with him, ability to turn his inner force into an outer force, the mention of his legend is strikes fear into the heart of all men who know it.


In his youth he was revered as one of if not the greatest master of martial arts. His skill with his hands was second only to his skill with a blade. However, Himura took many years of his life to develop a way to use his inner will and strength and turn it into an outward force. At the time he ended his training he became one of the most feared men in the world. However, Himura sought a life of solitude and peace contrary to how he was in his youth. Living alone until he was as it appeared to everyone a harmless old man and his legend lives on though he was thought to be dead. In his old age wandering the forest one day he found young Haru and took him in and under his wing. His home was burn down with him inside. He was far took old and weak to fight the mysterious foe who challenged him. Haru arrived to the burning home and swore vengeance for his fallen master

Master Himura

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