The Defenders of Harkenwold


The Gnolls descended on the group and they scattered. Soon the group was overwhelmed by the gnolls skill. A Large gnoll appeared on a high ridge near by and pointed at Thorn. “Shield… now… no kill.. No Shield… Die!” The group refused to give up the shield and continued the fight. They seemed to have the fight in hand until the large gnoll attacked. He pulled out a large staff and shot at Andraste killing her. Not before their new cleric ally fell to the ravenous gnolls. Thorn saw that the fight was lost and threw the shield to the gnoll. They began to leave but Haru and the rest refused to be defeated there. They continued the attack but were out matched. They began to run frantically into the forest to escape with their lives. As they did they were passed by a Drow a large human and a halfing who ran towards the gnolls. The group was scattered in the woods but were not followed. They could hear the sounds of the battle behind them as they slowly made there way back to Shallows point. Korem was not as lucky as he went off course. He ended up camping for the night after hours of walking but he was not alone. He was approached by the Drow and his friends. He greeted the Goliath and they all had dinner together. “My name is Drizzt , the human is Wulfgar, and my small friend is Regas . I believe this shield belongs to you.” Dinner was pleasent and the next morning they head back to town. As the group of Haru, Felin, Thorn, and Wakelynne made it back to town.

They were approached by Captian Belin who asked them to follow him. He lead the group down to the towns dungeon. There they saw the devious Madok in chains. Belin told them what happened and after hours of interrogation he revealed that he wanted to reward money for your deaths. It was all a set up. Korem and his new companions came in that next day where they all reconvened about the loss the previous day. Meanwhile Haru went to Belin and asked for his support in Fallcrest. He had to decline. “there is too much work here for us. Orcs to the East, Raven Roost to the south, and monsters to the North.” Haru agreed to help Belin with some of his problems while exacting a bit of revenge. He went back to the group and told them…

“We are going back to Raven-Roost Manor”

Shallow Point

The Heroes battered and defeated traveled north from Raven-Roost Manor as fast as they could. After a day they could see lights off in the distance. They were tired and losing steam. Felin was still unconscious and needed medical attention and the rest needed rest. They entered the town and were soon greeted by the guards of the small town later known to them as Shallow Point. They were rushed into the near by garrison where there wounds were tended to. They were soon approached by the leader of the town, Captian Belian. The group explained their trouble with Samuel Raven-Roost and the rest of his bandits. Belian gave his sympathies and sent them to the near by inn for rest.

Korem the Goliath had been traveling down from the near by mountain The Thunderspire. He soon entered the community of Shallow Point and was eagerly approached by a nerves fast talking half elf that had a proposition for the intimidating Goliath. The elf’s name was Madok and he asked Korem to find a group of people to raid a local crypt for him. He wanted an old shield of a long dead magister. Korem agreed and looked towards the local Inn for recruits.

Inside the Inn Haru, Wakelynne, Andraste,and Felin sat down to rest for the first time in days. As they discussed their next move they were approached by a black dragonborn. He seemed to be drunk and continued to insult Haru and the rest of the group. As the group argued the goliath entered the bar and saw that is group was a good group to have in this venture.He was soon followed by a local cleric. Mirodin. He asked the group to join them and they agreed. Soon they met with Madok who explained that they would recieve a reward for returning the shield to him after the dive was complete. The group agreed and set off. They soon found that the Dragonborn’s name was Thorn. The group was led to where the crypt was located and quickly dove in. As soon as they went in they found resistance from a group of roaming zombies. The Goliath soon proved his worth by cutting down many of the undead rotters. As the group moved forward they were attacked by spiders of the crypt. Once the largest fell the rest scattered. Soon they found the crypt and the shield. It was finely made embroidered with bear fur and a wolfs head in the center. The group took only what they needed and left. As they exited the crypt they were met by Madok. He seemed shocked that they made it. The elf asked for the shield but the group asked for more gold for their injuries. The elf refused and as Thorn began to intimidate the elf. Madok told the group he was not alone… Soon the group could see they were surrounded by a group of gnolls and were given no choice but to fight.

Raven-Roost Manor
Hard Lesson

The battle with the wolves seemed bleak as Haru, Minron, William, and Wakelynne fought on against the wolves. They were cornered and being mauled but they soon found and ally in the most unusual of things. A roaming ogre spotted the fire from some way off and came to investigate. The creature could only be understood by Haru who could hear the beast speak. “Wolves.. good… eat.” The ogre attacked the dire wolves and soon the pack turned on the giant. After killing a dire wolf the ogre picked up Minron as he saw another snack for later. Haru was able to convince the ogre that all that hair would get in his teeth and that he would not taste good at all. The ogre dropped Minron and the wolves scattered as the dire wolves fell. William did not heed Haru’s warning and attacked the creature the ogre soon put down William before beginning to cook his wolf on the fire. The group urged William to move to the house where Andraste and Felin had gone earlier but he stayed. He continued to attack the ogre. The beast became furious and killed William and continued to bash him into the ground to make sure he would not attack again.

The group made it to the house and were greeted by Evelyn Raven-Roost. Who gave the same speech as she had done earlier to Andraste and Felin earlier. Haru caught on to the ruse before it was too late and Evelyn and her minions attacked. The group fended them off not before the trap door was opened. Felin yelled as loud as he could and Haru heard him. As the group helped the two out of the dungeon they were convinced by Minron that these were the people who stole their gold and they needed to search for it. As they went up stairs they set off a number of traps but they avoided them. Soon they found their gold and more and as they made their way out they were stopped by Samuel Raven-Roost who was the one that stole their gold earlier. The group fought easily dispatching of the raven roost performers but Samuel was something else. He fought hard and struck even harder. Soon the group knew they needed to escape. Wakelynne picked up Felin, who had been knocked out in the battle and ran for the raven roost carriage outside. Haru went back in to help the rest escape but went down in the process. Minron bravely went back inside to help Haru. Haru made it to the cart but Minron did not. The horses became spooked and ran without the Minron. Samuel cursed as Haru, Wakelynne, ANdraste and Felin sped off from the manor. They did not know what became of Minron but it could not have been good. He saved their lives that night and they would never forget that.

Onward to Fallcrest

Our heroes head north on the Raven Roost Road to begin their search for Melech Ambrose in Fallcrest. There first day took them through the Harken Forest. Felin quickly realized the stories of his people were true as the group was being followed by creatures in the woods. As the shadows grew closer the group began to run except for William who kept at the same pass. As the group looked back they could see the tree creatures reaching for the warlock but could not seem to pass the road they traveled on. As the group reached the end of the Hakren forest they looked back to see hundreds of the creatures looking at them from behind the tree line. The group made camp for the night and continued the next day onward.

Half the day had passed without any sign of trouble that was until a rogue owlbear attacked the group. The beast took a liking to Minron as he attacked he scooped up the Minotaur and began to lick him before being killed. After the owlbear the group walked a bit fatherer before setting up camp for the night. As the group began to settle in a carriage rode up. The men were wearing flamboyant clothing with masks covering their faces. A man stood up and introduced himself.

“Good evening travelers I am Samuel of the Raven Roost Performers. For just a few gold we can entertain you on this summer’s eve. Minron decided he wanted to see what it was about and gave them gold. The group spread out as Samuel fought with one of his men showing his great swordsmanship. After the performance the group thanked the heroes and headed on their way.

The group rested for the night before continuing down the road that night as they went to set up camp Andraste found out that all of their gold was gone. They had been swindled by the “performers.” They then decided to build an enormous fire to help maybe attract the bandits back to them… but they did not attract the bandits. Wolves began to attack the group but were quickly dispatched. As the group rested they could see a house off in the distance. Wakelynne, Andraste, and Felin decided to move towards the house. Leaving Minron, Haru, and William with the fire. Soon they were quickly surrounded by double the amount of wolves as before. Down the road Wakelynne had a change of heart and ran back to aid the group. It was just in time as they were being overwhelmed by the wolves.

Meanwhile Felin and Andraste had made it to the house. Felin hide as Andraste knocked. A young women with red hair opened the door and invited the girl inside. She explained that this was raven roost manor and that it was an Inn for travelers to stay for just a gold. Felin came in seeing that there was no danger. The two found some gold as another 2 man entered the room. The younger of the two men took their gold began to lead them to where their supplies could be stored for the night as the older man went up stairs. As the Andraste and Felin stopped in the middle of the floor the man from the top yelled “welcome to the home of the Raven Roost.” He pulled a level and Andraste fell in to a trap. Felin fought to hold on to the floor but quickly fell behind her. They fell 20 feet before hitting the floor. Around them were 3 chained zombies waiting to strike. They had trouble getting around them and they were bitten. Soon the two were able to put down the three…. But could not get out

Epilogue: Defenders of Harkenwold

With Redthorn dead the group found the key to the dungeon and quickly rescued Baron Stockmer and Reithann. The Baron made sure that those who died during the assault on the keep were given a proper burial. Davlamin and Vathos were buried in Harken and many throughout the area came to pay their respects. Two weeks passed from when the group said goodbye to their friends, many in the group helped to repair the broken region as Baron Stockmer returned to power. He bestowed upon the group an official title, The Defenders of Harkenwold. They were treated as royalty, parades and celebrations rang out to all corners of Harkenwold. One afternoon the group had gotten word that many within Albridge wished to hear of the groups exploits and offered free ale in return. The group took them up on the offer and went on to Albridge.

A lone man traveled the road toward ALbridge. He had been chasing a farmer for some time before finally lossing him in the brush as he walked he heard the sound of hooves from behind him. I tiefling rode a horse, he was wearing black armor with a large great sword on his back, he was carrying a large moist sack. He told the man, “get out of my way peasant.” He then pushed the man over as he rode past. The stranger on the road got up and followed the man.

Back at the taven the Defenders of Harkenwold told stories of their exploits as the tiefling rode up to them. He entered the tavern and approached the group. “Heroes of Harkenwold, Melech Ambrose sends a message.” He then tossed the sack on the table. Haru opened the bag to see the decapitated head of Reithann. The group attacked the tiefling but were given the fight of their lives. By this time the man on the road had found his way too to the taven and saw the fight and joined in the fun. He attacked anyone who was close to him before turning his attention to the tiefling. The tiefling put up a fight before being put down by Felin. The new comer introduced himself as William as Haru searched the tiefling’s body to find a note. He then left to go and ask Dar Gremith what had happened. The rest of the group with William soon followed.

Dar Gremith could see the initials F.C on the note with a list of names. He told Haru and the group to go to Baron Stockmer to look it over. Once in Harken the group found the Baron and asked what the note was…

“why this is a hit list… With Reithann, Dar Gremith, Eriyel, and the Defenders of Harkenwold’s name on it. The F.C stood for the Fell Court and Melech Ambrose was their leader. He was the one sending the gold to the Iron Circle. Haru and the group decided he had to be stopped. They desided to leave the comfort of Harkenwold and travel to Fallcrest and stop him and the hit list. Baron Stockmer warned the group this man is not Nazin Redthorn. He is well liked by many in Fallcrest and has immense wealth and influence even as far up as the Baron of Fallcrest. The group rested for the night and gathered their supplies. Before they left Rodrik told the group that he would stay behind to protect the Baron and those who were left from future attack. They said their goodbyes as the group of Andraste, Felin, Haru, Minron, Wakelynne, and followed by William, took off towards the Raven Roost Road as to not be seen coming down the King’s Road.

And so a new adventure begins…

Taking the Iron Keep: Liberation

The group went to the dining hall to search for the secret entrance to Redthorn’s chambers and an outline of a door was quickly spotted by Felin and Wakelynne on the other end of the room. Haru was quick to unlatch the door and soon the group went up the narrow staircase with Rodrik leading the way. On the way up Haru had slipped but was caught by Minron. The group looked down to see blood staining the floor beneath them. Rodrik was quick to kick open the door to find Redthorn. He was not as he was from before. He seemed deranged almost manic in his appearance and actions with blood covering his hands. He was quickly aided by his personal adept and his hobgoblin body guards.

Redthorn deadThe group sprang into action as Rodrik and Felin went after the adept. The rest of the group focused on rethorn’s large hobgoblin body guards. The adept did not stand a chance as felin’s arrows flew true to their target killing the adept but not before Rodrik was flung into a table by the adept’s magic. As he fell Redthorn dropped to his knees and began to draw upon the floor. It was a magic ritual that summoned a tar guard. It was not long before he was put down by the vampire Wakelynne’s claws. Redthorn soon summoned another guard that attacked Andraste. Andraste had fallen prone in a small room just off of the main battle. The guard followed her in to attack. She was quick to roll out of the way on the first attack and then used ray of frost on the floor beneath the tar guard. He also fell prone as he attacked on the floor. Neither could land a direct hit until Davlamin took a shot at the beast finally killing it. At this point Haru had been knocked out and Redthorn had summoned a spiked tar devil to fight for him. Minron leaped at the beast and grappled him as the beast flew across the room nearly missing Rodrik who had been attacking Redthorn, while the last of the hobgoblins fell to the attack of the spiked devil. Minron was finally able to slam the beast to the ground as he and wakelynne finished him off. All that remained was redthorn. Rodrik stuck hard as he took of redthorn’s arm. He became more and more manic as the battle went on. Minron sliced through his back and most of what remained of his other arm. Andraste was able to freeze him within ice to where he could not move. Redthorn then swung at Minron wildly and missed. It caused Rodrik to attack the Iron Circle commander. He drove his sword deep into the back of Redthorn. “It’s Over!” He then turned his sword within the man killing him.

Redthorn fell and the group began to collect themselves as they had accomplished what they had set out to do liberate Harkenwold from the Iron Circle. As they as they searched the room they found themselves not in the same room that they entered. The room was empty as they heard the shallow laughter coming from the slain redthorn. He began to stand and congratulated the group.

“Great work everyone, wow I really didn’t think you would have gotten this far. Very good.” He tries to clap for the group “I would clap but it seems Redthorn doesn’t have a hand haha.” He introduced himself as Asmodeus, King of the Nine Hells. The group was shocked as he told them to lower their weapons. He asked the group why they meddled in his business. Minron and Haru answered theat they wanted to stop the Iron Circle. Asmodeus then began to explot the groups fears and downfalls in order to get the group fired up but they kept their cool. He then asked Davlamin to join him up front. He then explained that Davlamin was a knight of Asmodeus but did not follow the orders of his commander to kill his old family and was to be executed for it when the group found him.
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“Hold on for one moment, this body is becoming weak.” He then seemed to leave Redthorn’s body and a moment later was inside Davlamin. Andraste began to pray but it only angered Asmodeus. He then placed his thumb upon a praying andraste, she then passed out. “I am bored of this game.” He then did the same to everyone else one after another. In an unconscious state the group saw a vision of Asmodeus, “Placing my thumb upon your forehead gives you my mark. All my servants will be able to see this mark and will try to kill you. As for Davlamin he must be punished for his crimes.” The demon then cut Davlamin’s throat.

The group awoke moments later not knowing what to think. They continued with freeing the rightful ruler of Harken, Baron Stockmer. The Iron Circle was defeated and rebuilding would soon begin.

Taking the Iron Keep: The Dungeon

After the battle with the dark cleric the group realized that they did not have much left in them, they had to get to Redthorn fast or they would die. As they left the chapel they found the bodies of the Iron Circle men who had attacked them. Their bodies seemed to have decomposed rather quickly and looked as though they had been there for weeks. The group quickly made their way to the mages tower in order to get out of the open. They gathered around the door as Rodrik opened it. Nothing seemed to stand out in the room but an old book at the far end of the room. The group entered quickly and quietly as to not be heard. Felin quickly examined the book. It was in a language he could not understand but he could make out the drawings of different locations inside the Nentir Vale. Vathos soon joined him in examining the desk and book. He could tell the distinct claw marks of Tar beasts on the desk at that moment Felin tried to read on as the language in the book became more erratic eventually turning to a language written in blood. Vathos decided to take the book, as he did he noticed the symbol for Asmodeus carved into the desk. He quickly drew his sword and scratched it out. The group decided to head up the stairs of the mage tower. Upstairs they found nothing more than an empty room. The only thing of value was a large blue arcane infused orb. Davlamin quickly scooped it up into his bag.

As the group searched they noticed a large iron door in the room. Haru was quick to unlock it and slow to open the door. Outside was a small walk way covered in the mist they had seen before. The door on the other end seemed to enter the keep itself. As the group entered the keep they found themselves in a small living quarter’s area. They could hear footsteps from outside the door and quickly gathered themselves to attack. Haru once again took the lead and sprang into action. He was quickly ambushed by sentries and large dragonborn. The group fought on until only a dragonborn remained. Vathos and Minron intimidated the beast into thinking his only way out was to end his own life…. He did. The group quickly realized they needed to find Baron Stockmar within the keeps dungeon and quickly went down stairs.

They were greeted by a slu of Iron Circle men.Vathos As they fought against them Rodrik accidently killed a defenseless servant and began to go on a rampage against his foes. Soon a door from the dungeon opened to reveal a tar beast that joined the fight. Vathos stood close to the door as he was attacked from behind by the Keeps executioner. Vathos went down quickly and Rodrik tried to help his comrade as the executioner laid his weapon into the chest of Vathos. As Vathos took his last breath Felin avenged his ally by putting an arrow straight in the man’s face. The battle was won but at a great cost, Vathos was dead…

Haru and the group moved into the dudgeon to hear a familiar voice greet them. It was Reithann the Druid. She spoke quickly because she knew what the group needed to do. She told them took look into the farthest cell for the Baron. Haru checked the cell to find a broken Baron Stockmar. He thanked the group for getting this far but there was still work to do. He said there was a secret entrance on the second level to enter Redthorn’s bedroom and that he could not help more than that because he was so weak. The group gathered their supplies and paid their respects to Vathos as they began to head towards Redthorn’s chambers.

Taking the Iron Keep: Dark Presence

The doors are pulled back, in front of them is an empty dinning hall. The fire still going strong, the chairs were on the ground and with food still on the plates. The group enters cautiously and searches the room. They could not find anything wrong with the room other than the fact that after making a grand entrance into the Keep courtyard that no one was waiting to ambush them. A small door was seen on the other end of the room. Felin quickly went to investigate. He could hear rustling and the clanging of metal behind the door. Haru told the group to be ready there was probably an ambush waiting for them. They opened the door to see a frightened man holding a pan as his only defense. “Stop right there…. I’m…. I’m warning you!” Vathos tried to calm the man but he soon ran and hid. Vathos followed him to a storage closet. He was finally able to calm the man to come out. He explained he was just a chief under Baron Stockmer when Redthorn took the keep. He told them that there were others locked in the servant quarters. The group unlocked the door and saw 4 scared men. After a brief conversation the group wanted to help them. They gave them the last of their rations to help boost their stamina and told them where Stockmer would be held. Haru told them to run the path was clear but they decided to lock themselves inside until it was all over.

Haru made his way to the only door leading outside and without hesitation he opened it. He was surprised by 6 sentries on the walls who quickly opened fire on him taking him out. He was quickly moved from the doorway as the ranged fighters struck true to their marks and made quick work of them as Haru healed. The group quickly moved up the stairs to the keep itself but the door was locked. As they looked to the side the main enterance to the keep had a draw bridge that raised quickly to seal off another enterance. The group turned back and took the high ground. As they went a large bang of Iron was heard echoing in the distance. Every room they entered was the same as the last… deserted.

As the group moved they could tell a thick mist had begun to cover the ground. It stopped them in their tracks. Vathos went down to see what was happening. He cautiously entered the mist, it did not harm him. He could hear whispers in his ear as he listened harder he could hear the voices and see the ghostly apparitions of Iron Circle solders running for their lives. He looked around the corner and could see the mist was billowing out of two double iron doors just feet away. He returned to the group and told them of his ghostly experience. Haru took charge and told them we need to see what is going on here. As the group approached the door Andraste gave the group light as Rodrik deciphered the banner above the door. It was the tattered remains of the god Bahamut desicrated with the symbol of the god of the Nine Hells, Asmodeus.
Rodrik and Haru took the lead as they grabbed both double doors. They counted to 3. 1…2…3.. as they pulled the doors open they were hit with a blast of energy that extinguished Andraste’s light. It was an old temple for Bahamut also desecrated with the likeness of Asmodeus. Black candles light them selves down the room until the end was light. 3 Tar Monsters stood there speaking in a demonic language. They soon spoke in a language they could understand. They spoke in unison “All shall fall to their knees in front of our lord Asmodeus!” As Wakelynne, Minron, and Rodrik moved in to attack the Monsters the rest of the group found themselves surrounded by Iron Circle. Felin shot at one at point blank but it did nothing to faze him. The group quickly realized something was wrong and moved into the temple and closed the doors behind them. The monsters worked with fire as they attacked the group, but were quickly overwhelmed by the heroes. Until Felin was grabbed from out of no where by another monster and dragged up the stairs. Davlamin and Andraste soon followed them upstairs trying to free their friend. Meanwhile the ghostly beings outside banged harder and harder at the doors until they began to crack.

Tar devil guardFelin was quickly sufficated under the arm of the massive beast as he turned into a room. As Davlamin entered the room there was an older man dressed in Iron Circles clothing. "Ahhh yes sacrifices to the great Asmodeus, kill them my follower. Davlamin was soon joined by Andraste and Vathos who struggled to free the elf. Downstairs the battle ragged as the doors finally broke. Unleashing a dozen Iron Circle Ghouls. Minron saw that the alter was adorned in blood and went to destroy the alter but was quickl;y stopped by the stone that it was made of. Rodrik quickly ran over and wiped the blood from the alter. The ghouls fell to the ground no longer a threat. They soon went upstairs to help their friends. As they approached Davlamin was thrown from the room infront of them. The tar beast was dead but the man was alive and slowly absorbing health from the group. Soon the group organized around the man and through nothing more then a full on onslaught killed the evil cleric. The group regained what little strength they had left and made ready to press on… to Redthorn…

Taking the Iron Keep: Infiltration

The group soon arrived back at Albridge. As they approached the town bodies laid in every direction. Iron Circle, Halfling, Solders, and Elves. As they approached the wall Elven archers soon popped up ready to attack. Just as soon as the archers were ready to release a voice cried, “Stop! They are friends.” It was Eriyel. She soon lead them to Dar Gremith who told the group that the battle had been won but at a great price. Many were dead or missing. The group explained that Redthorn had joined the battle and had fled. Dar gremith explained he had most likley gone to the Iron Keep to regroup. If he did he would attack again soon and they would all die. The group needed to enter the keep, find, and kill Redthorn. As most of the group went off to sleep Vathos and Felin stayed behind and talked to Dar Gremith. There was a man named Samuel inside the town who escaped from the keep just days before the battle. The two went off to find the man. He was jumpy and not to keen to answer questions but soon after some diplomicy and brides opened up to the two-sum. He gave them a map and told them were the dungeon and redthorn may be. He pleaded with the men to not harm his friends inside the keep. They were there when Redtorn first took the keep over a year ago and have nothing to do with his dealings. The two agreed and set off to tell the others.

The next day the group went to talk to Dar Gremith on what they had discovered and that they needed a way in. They spoke of impersonating Iron Circle solders and becoming prisoners of the Iron Circle, but later agreed that it was best if they smuggled there way inside posing as a shipment of supplies. Minron, Haru, and Wakelynne hid in the cart as Felin and Andraste pretended to be the drivers. Davlamin, Rodrik, and Vathos took the role of Iron Circle defending the cart in these trying times. As they approached the gate they were stopped by a Tiefling “Stop, what is your business here? what is in the cart?” Vathos tried to convince the tiefling that they were just a supply line coming from Fallcrest with their rations. It was not easy but he was able to convince him. As they entered the enterance courtyard the tiefling forced the Iron Circle members to the wall and drew his sword. Vathos tried one effort to convince him that the cart was just supplies. He thrust his sword into the back of the cart into Minron. Who did not say a word! The ploy did not work however, he ordered his men to attack. Minron, Haru, and Wakelynne soon reveled themselves and fought. Davlamin and Felin used their range to take out the sentinels above them. While the rest of the group focused on the tiefling guard and his Iron Circle comrades. As they fought a bell rang out in the tower. If the Redthorn did not know they were here before he did now. Soon the dozen of solders laid dead at their feet. It was another close battle for the group as Davlamin and Vathos both were almost killed before being saved just in the nick of time. The battle field fell silent as the group new they needed to get out of the open and fast. Two double doors stood near by. The group ran to them to not be seen even more as dusk turned into night. The group stood on guard as they pushed the doors open….

The Battle Of Albridge

The next day the group was awakened by the sound of the church bells ringing as those around them scattered to their positions. Haru and Davlamin were nowhere to be found. Dar Gremith approached the group and asked where they wanted to be, they decided to take to the defense of the town. Dar Gremith then told them to go south to the road behind the front lines to stop anyone who passed the lines.

The group of Andraste, Felin, Minron, Rodrik, Vathos, and Wakelynne took their position by an old farmhouse. They were quickly found by a large group of Iron Circle and drakes. The group fought as they never had before. No risks were taken as the group held their position. A storm began to move in as the battle waged on. The group became battered and bloody as Haru emerged from the woods to help fight against their foes. Soon the drakes were slain and the Iron Circle defeated. Then a voice in the distance, “You have been a thorn in my side for too long! Today you face Nazin Redthorn Commander of the Iron Circle!”

Battle of albridge1

Soon the group realized they were surrounded by all they had fought. Tar beasts, drakes, Bullywugs, and Redthorn’s first in command. The group was battered and bloody as they took their positions. Andraste, Haru, Wakelynne, and Minron held back the Bullywog advance. Rodrik proved that he was indeed a warrior of the Fey as he held the wall against the drake and Tar beasts with the support of Vathos and Felin. Andraste showed that she is not a woman to trifle with, as the rain soon came pouring down. She quickly destroyed many Iron Circle solders with her zones of death. Haru took the fight to his hated enemy the bullywogs as Wakelynne sucked the life out of them. Minron was able to slice his way through the drakes and anyone who came close to the raging warrior with his mighty axe. Vathos used his healing to help the lines hold while quickly giving insult to his enemies. Felin struck true through the rain as he hit again and again at the advancing rabble. Rodrik gave everything he had against his enemies until he and his allies were just about to break… when a flash of lighting hit the battlefield… and there stood Davlamin with little words to say, “I hate Rituals…” He soon opened up apon the general saving Rodrik from death. The tide of battle had turned as Redthron joined in the fight.

Redthorn charged the group and opened up a flurry of area attacks on the group slowly wiping them out. The group was able to find what little strength they had to hold on. Soon Davlamin was able to kill Redthorn’s general when he held his rod to the generals face and blasted him at point blank range. Redthorn then yelled, “THIS IS FAR FROM OVER! We will regroup and crush what little forces you have left!” He then fleed the battle field as the group dispatched of the few remaining Iron Circle forces. The battle field soon grew quiet. The group searched for what little was left of the general. They soon discovered that Redthorn’s general was a tar monster and that he wielded a strange but powerful flail. As the rain came down on them it was time to return to Albridge to see what had become of the town and the rebellion.


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