The Defenders of Harkenwold

Prelude: Rodrik

Rodrik was a special human. He was not born into the mortal world. He was given the chance to live among the Eldarin before being expelled by those who were supposed to be his friends and allies.

Rodrik was found abandoned as a baby in the elvish woods outside of the elusive fey world. He was found by kind and caring Eldarish woman named Raina. Although Rodrik would soon know her by a different name, mother. His mother took him to her home in the Eldarin capital of Astrazalian. Rodrik grew up by his mother’s side learning all he could. Although he was a human he was accepted into the world of the Feys. As he became a teenager he soon picked up the sword and worked hard so that one day he could join the Sword Guard. The Sword Guard were the Elite fighters of Astrazalian, They were given the honor to protect Astrazalian from all threat that may arise, internal or external. During his first exam at the age of 14, Rodrik was far above anyone of his age and could stand toe to toe with those 10 years older than him. Sir Beleg, Captain of the Sword Guard took notice to Rodrik’s potential. He accepted Rodrik into the Sword Guard as his protégé, the youngest in 3 centauries. Fast forward seven years, Rodrik had risen to the top of his class with the aid of Sir Beleg. He was well liked by all of his comrades.

“Rodrik come here my boy, I am getting old… you are the best the Sword Guard has to offer… I will be stepping down soon; I want you to take my place as Captain of the Guard.”

Rodrik was so honored by his mentor’s offer he accepted. He would be the first non-Eldarin Captain of the Sword Guard ever… but it was not meant to be. Sir Beleg prepared Rodrik for the role he would take, Rodrik learned discipline and honor. After three years of his personal training, Rodrik was ready to take his oath. “Here my boy, no Captain is complete without a sword.” Sir Beleg handed Rodrik his own personal sword, Aranroth. Rodrik took his oath to the cheer of many!.. But not all were happy about the first human captain…

Weeks into his new position there was word that goblin bandits were terrorizing a road on the outskirts of the Fey. Rodrik took his 4 best men with him to investigate. When they arrived there were no goblins… Rodrik was tricked. He was knocked out by his allies. He awoke stripped and tied up. They beat him and wiped him as if he was a criminal. They spit on him saying no human was better than an eldarin and that he would never again see his home. He was beaten until he passed out in pain he woke up days later on the outskirts of the Fey World. He had his sword and his armor… and a note.

My captain my captain, when you awake you will have been gone from Astrazalian for over a week. We want you to live with the shame that you can never return to your home or see your bitch of a mother’s face once more. Sir Beleg died of a broken heart days after hearing of your “desertion.” That is the price you pay for going above your position.

If he was indeed gone for a week he would be considered a rogue, deserting his post. The punishment of which was death. He could never return home. So he set his sites on his new home, the mortal realm. He spent the next eleven years moving from place to place helping whoever he could, honing his skills. Until one night he heard a large battle take place not far from where he camped. He went to investigate. He found a graveyard of what seemed to be the people of the dream realm, Kalashtar. Knowing that the Kalashtar were a peaceful people he began to search for survivors. He eventually stumbled upon a young woman… alive. He took her back to his cave and nursed her back to health. It did not take him long to see she was bitten by a vampire. She eventually woke up from her coma and that is where our story begins.

“Good morning vampire my name is Rodrik, I have been nursing you back to health. Do you have a name?” She answered, “My name is Wakelynne…”

Prelude: Haru

Traveling north to find his masters killers Haru is approached by a man demanding he explain why he is on HIS road. Haru refused to answer, instead insulting the man and threatening him. The man later known as Lt. Stonewel of the Iron Circle, ambushed Haru. Haru fought bravely but was overcome by the numbers game and taken hostage. Later at an Iron Circle camp Haru was rescued by an unknown swordsman and women dressed from head to toe in black. The Iron Circle was dealt with.

The swordsman introduced himself as Rodrik and his companion Wakelynne. Haru was hesitant about trusting his rescuers but decided to go with them as he had no where else to go.

A reason to fight
PART 1: The Iron Circle

A lone Minotaur, by the name of Minron was making his way to Abridge when a woman ran into him and begged for his helped, she was being chased by the Iron Circle. The Minotaur let the women pass saying it was none of his concern. Moments later he was passed by those soldiers. One began to harass the Minotaur but the Minotaur would have none of that. He asked where he got his weapon, he replied “from your mama.” A fight broke out and the Minotaur gored the man to death.

Meanwhile Rodrik and Wakelynne brought there new ally Haru to camp where they slept for the night. The next day they awoke and Huru was gone. Wakelynne heard screaming in the distance and as Rodrik and Wakelynne came closer they saw a burning building. Meanwhile Haru was hunting for food and saw smoke billowing into the sky. Unbeknownst to all of them the Minotaur saw the smoke and came to see the commotion.

After arriving at the house they could see Iron Circle Soldiers burning a house to the ground with people still inside of it. Rodrik and Wakelynne made there way quietly closer and attacked. They were later joined by the Minotaur and Haru and they fought to help save the family. Although the house was lost Ilyana and her children survived. The group was able to capture gang member and interrogated him. He was tortured by Haru until he gave up the leader of the Iron Circle gangs Nazin Redthorn.

Ilyana approached and told Huru to end him. He did. The others could not bare to watch. Ilyana then told the group to head to Albridge to find Dar Gremath, leader of the resistance. The group set out to find Dar Gremath and free harkenwold.
Iron circle

A Drink or a Brawl?
PART 1: The Iron Circle

Rodrik was not happy with how Haru handled the situation back on the farm and expressed his distaste for how Haru dispatched of a man who had surrendered. Haru went on to explain his actions and that Rodrik had no idea what he had gone trough and that he did not trust the man to keep his word.

The adventurers were quiet the rest of the way to Albridge to meet with Dar Gremith. Old warrior by frozpot d31xdy0 Entering Albridge you could see the town was in disarray and in need of help. After asking a frightened women where to find Dar Gremith she pointed them in the right direction. After introductions Dar Gremith invited the strangers into his house to better understand there situation. He was glad to hear that they were there to help against the Iron Circle.

He explained that a large shipment of coin was coming into the area soon and that it could be better used to help arm the rebellion. He was unsure when the caravan would be coming through the are and set out to find more information. In the meantime our heroes went to find food and drink. They entered a local bar where Iron Circle men were disrupting business at the bar. Haru went forward to get a drink when an Iron Circle member stopped him and the group for having weapons. One of the other members of the group recognized him, as he excaped from the last nights raid by Rodrik and Wakelynne. Chaos in sued and by the time the fight had stopped the Iron Circle members were dead, but one. He surrendered to the men, but unlike the last time Haru gave Rodrik the chance to save the man or condemn him. He let the man live and he ran.

The adventurers returned to Dar Gremith where he told them the whole town had heard the commotion and that Iron Circle member were on their way. He told the party to search out Reithann the Druid she would have information on how to help the rebellion and the adventurers set off.Tut 20110414 2

Liberation of Tor's Hold
PART 1: The Iron Circle

The adventurers left Dar Gremith’s house to make for the Druids home. They stopped in the woods for the night in order to prepare for the next day. That night would be one of the last peaceful nights they would have.
Forest cottage by andyp89

They arrived at Reithann’s home by lunch the next day. She lived in a grove surrounded by trees. She was open and warm to the party offering wine and food. She seemed to know a lot about the adventures. She knew Wakelynne was a vampire and that they all sought something bigger in life. She told them to head to the Toadwallow caverns. There they would find bullywugs who were killing people from Tor’s Hold under the orders of the Iron Circle. The Adventurers needed to free Tor’s Hold in order to gain their support against the Iron Cirlce. Reithann bid them farwell and told them that they had destinies far greater then they could ever imagine.

The party headed out with no incident and within half a day they reached the cave. The cave entrance sat 10 feet off of the ground and had a steady stream pour out of the mouth and the ground around the cave was moist. The group inspected the cave and saw that there was no immediate threat and began to climb. As Haru reached the mouth of the cave he was spotted by 2 Bullywugs. They began to croak as Haru tried to lure them outside but was quickly ambushed. The rest of the party soon entered the cave and began to fight the onslaught. Haru made his way deeper into the cave to avoid flanking but was surprised by 3 Stirges. The group realized they were out maneuvered and used everything they had and won.

The group began to rest when they heard a voice from deeper inside the cave as they went to investigate the bullywug chief-ton sprung his trap seriously wounding most of the group. Haru decided to flee the battle to regain his strength but was intercepted by a bullywug raiding party. He could see a very strong bullywug holding what seemed a halfing boy captive as well as 5 more men with him. He quickly ran to his comrades to tell them of the impending doom.

The group fought hard to the point of death. In the end they laid victories. They were battered, bruised, and bloody but they were alive. As they laid there they began to laugh at the battle they had almost lost, then they heard “hello up there is anyone alive?” The Heroes replied that they were victories. As they left the cave they could see the little halfling boy. He had excaped during the battle. The boy was very grateful and told them that his group had been ambushed by the bullywugs and he was taken hostage. “I am a member of the Red Foot Clan, can you take me home?” Haru explained they needed to go back to Reithann to tell her of the good news. The boy knew of the Druid she had always been kind to his clan, The boy agreed to go with the group if not for the safety of the Druids home but to also be a crutch for the men and women who had just saved Tor’s Hold.

Bullywugs   warren mahy

Hitting them where it hurts
PART 1: The Iron Circle

We rejoin our adventurers as they made their half day trek back to Reithann’s home to tell her of the good news. Broken and bloody they have seen better days but with the help of the young halfling they made it back in one piece. Our heroes are greeted at the door by Dar Gremath who had come with information. As our heroes were getting patched up Dar Gremath told them of a caravan heading towards Harken. The caravan was expected to carry thousands in gold to help the Iron Circle become a full fledged army. If the rebellion wanted to survive they needed to stop it from reaching Harken and the Hands of Nazin Redthron, but it would not be easy. It seems the caravan would also be carrying a prisoner for execution therefore the craven would be heavily guarded. The group decided it had to be done despite the risks or they would all eventually die. The group crossed the woods without delay to meet the Iron Circle. When they decided to stop they hid to ambush the caravan.

Meanwhile a man awakens on his side, he is unable to see. His hands are tied together. He can feel that he is moving and he may be on a wagon of some sort. He begins to speak, as he hears voices from his side. The voices quickly hit him and he is down once again. He can hear another voice from across from him. “Stay down or they will just keep hitting you.” He begins to laugh but is quickly hit as well. “QUIET BACK THERE!”

After a few hours of waiting our adventurers can see the caravan approach. The cart holds 2 large chests and 2 people who seem to be prisoners. There are 2 drivers and 3 more walk besides the cart. There is a large Rage Drake ridden by a well dressed tiefling and another that walks beside him.
Art 023

Haru and Rodrik decide they cannot take them head on and turn to freeing the prisoners and then attacking from the rear. The plan quickly deteriorates as they are spotted. The rage Drake charges as Minron joins in the fight. Wakelynne stood back waiting for her time to strike but was quickly sniffed out by the tiefling. Haru, Rodrik, and Minron began to outflank the drake until it decided to charge. One of the prisoners later known as Malharath was able to free himself in the commotion but just as he was about to arm himself he saw the drake coming at full force. It rammed through our heroes and some of its allies, colliding with the cart shattering it to pieces and everyone was thrown. Meanwhile Wakelynne fought the tiefling to no avail. He battered her at every turn until she found strength deep down and threw him to the ground and just as she was about to finish him off, he seemed to disappear into the air.

Meanwhile Minron ragged at the Iron Circle and killed many. His great axe sliced through the Adept Iron Circle forces like paper. Haru used the only weapon he would ever need… his fists, to pound the drake into submission. Rodrik had his hands full with an unexpected enemy. The other prisoner broke free. He seemed confused and attacked anyone close by a.k.a Rodrik. Rodrik was just barely able to escape the prisoners grasp before he used an attack that would have killed him. Rodrik kept cool and calmed the man. The prisoner then joined the fight. Malharath joined the fight soon after as he was able to regain his tower shield and sword. One of the tieflings was able to get away as he screamed, “you made a powerful enemy today.”

After a battle that would kill any normal man our heroes began to collect the gold and learn of the Prisoners. Malharath was a Kalashtar Paladin searching for a lost patrol of Kalashtar in which reports say they were attacked by vampires. The other prisoner was strange. He looked deranged and confused as he took the blood of the fallen drake and wiped it on to his face. “My name isDavlamin, (he licks his lips a lot) where are you all heading.” Haru cautiously explained where they were heading. He did not want to give up too much information as he found a note mentioning he was a criminal.

5415324086 d86b6a4bceThe heroes gathered their supplies and went on back to Reithann’s home. As they walked they could tell Davlamin followed close behind walking strangely and out of place. After a 2 day hike they arrived at the Druid’s home. They were once again greeted by Dar Gremath and 2 strangers. A woman and a Halfling man. He explains the woman is the leader of the resistance in Tor’s Hold, Vile, and York was from the Red Foot Clan. The boy had gone back home and told of his rescue, the elders where then happy to help rid Harkenwold of the Iron Circle. Dar Gremath explained they would need strong bows to defeat the Circle and said the heroes must find the Woodsinger elves and convince them to join. After the meeting Haru showed Dar Gremath his note he took from the chest. He told Haru to keep an eye on their new friend and he would look into whoever may be helping the Iron Circle. Our Heroes are left wondering who is this “Davlamin”, Who is helping the Iron Circle and what does the God of the Nine Hells, Asmodeus have to do with these trying times.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
PART 1: The Iron Circle

Our adventurers sleep that night in preparation for their journey to find the Woodsinger elves so that they may stand a great chance against the Iron Circle. They awaken to the sound of Reithann saying, “breakfast is ready!” Reithann tells our heroes that the group has set out early and that they are to meet them on the outskirts of the woods to find the Woodsinger elves. Our heroes set out and head towards the end of the woods. When they arrive the trees seem to vanish as they hit a meadow on the outskirts of the forest. With a wall of trees behind them they move forward. Rodrik realizes that there is no noise, but the wind. The others hear the same. Haru looks into the distance and sees a small humanoid moving towards them through the tall grass. The adventurers stop and stand guard for the worst. It is a small child.
Wheat grass field 1254c7
The child cries, “have you seen my friends?” Haru answers “what do they look like?” The child mumbles as he sobs looking for the right words. Well one looks like him, he points at Rodrik. The group seems confused. Then he points at Haru and then Minron. The group begins to suspect something is wrong here. The child then points at Wakelynne, “are you a vampire?” Wakelynne is quick to respond, “No,… no why would I be?” The group becomes disturbed and begins to back away as the child begins to convulse and bleed from every inch of his face. The group decides in a quick decision that it is time to go… now.

The boy seems to rip off his own flesh and within seconds a large hulking monster seems to be left in its place and attacks our heroes. The group fights back as they try to figure out what just happened. Wakelynne hid in the tall grass as she figured out what to do. Minron, Haru, and Rodrik fought the beast. As the battle went on our heroes soon realized that Davlamin was nowhere to be found. Our heroes dispatched of the beast with relative ease.
As our heroes began to get themselves together Haru noticed that the fight was not yet won. The body of the monster began to melt and within seconds a large fire titan stood where the beast once stood. Our heroes reorganized and fought as Wakelynne could no longer hide from the large creature. Our heroes were pounded into the Earth one after another, but eventually they put the final nail in the monsters coffin, Haru began to laugh into the air and scream, “Show yourself! I can see through your game!” The fire Giant fell and Minron said “no more of this,” and cut off the monsters head. Haru then explained to the group that they were still asleep and that Davlamin was to blame. As they were deciding what to do the headless monster sprouted wings and the body fell apart. There stood a huge blue dragon.
1127275507 nlightning

The group felt even if it was a dream the injuries they had sustained were real. As the group scrambled the dragon attacked, first with a breath attack that hit everyone with one fierce blast. Haru screamed, “Rodrik you need to get us out of here.” Rodrik then proceeded to break the spell. Hearing this the dragon set its eyes on Rodrik. With every last piece of courage inside of him, Minron charged the dragon with all he had and cut the dragon deep down its side. The Minotaur could not believe what he had done but was quickly crushed beneath the dragon’s claws. The dragon then set out to destroy the vampire, within seconds Wakelynne was underneath the dragon’s claws. She lied there motionless… she was gone. With Minron struggling to get up and Haru trying to convince himself that it was all a dream, Rodrik soon fell to the dragons enormous tail slam.

The dragon then scooped up Minron and Haru. “This is where you die!” the dragon screamed. Just at that moment a familiar voice rung into their heads. “Time to wake up you asshole, Hahahaha.” The dragon then vanished along with Rodriks body, Minron, and Haru.

Wakelynne then woke to what she thought was death in the field that she fought the dragon. It was now dark, as a menacing familiar voice spoke to her. “Ahhhh my child you sleep, why do you not sleep more?” Wakelynne stands up, “who is there?” The voice answers “dear child you do not remember me, I am saddened. I remember you, I made you.” Wakelynne Is in a state of shock as she now knows that it is the same creature that cursed her in the first place… Lord Ruthven. Ruthven explained that she was supposed to die that night but soon death or eternal servitude would soon meet her. He then shows her visions of thousands who have tried to fight the taint and had failed. She then tells him that he will never have her nor will he ever enter the dream realm to harm those closest to her. He then tells her to awaken from her dream and that her fate will be met sooner than later.

Draft lens5752112module44592322photo 1247006392shadow creature hooded2The whole group awakens in Reithann’s home. She is there cooking breakfast as she was in there dream. The group then decides to go outside but Rodrik is asked to stay behind. As the group goes outside Iron Circle solders circle a downed Davlamin who quickly says “about time you guys woke up took me some time to break the sp…”, he is knocked unconscious. Reithann then shows up behind our heroes with a knife to Rodrik’s throat. In a seemingly different voice she says, “you all were supposed to die in there, you ruined everything!” Our heroes soon reveal Reithann to be a gnome mage by the name of Giles the Great. They fight the Iron circle thugs and Giles. They kill the gnome and help Rodrik and Davlamin to their feet. Davlamin exclaims, “My debt is paid. You saved my life I save yours.” The group searches Reithann’s home. There seemed to be a large struggle and everyone was gone. Davlamin explains that they were taken by the Iron Circle. The group contemplated what to do. Their allies were gone and the Iron Circle seemed to have the upper hand. The group finally decides they need to continue their work as they set out with a new ally in Davlamin to find the Woodsinger Elves.

New Friends and the Woodsinger Elves

After there encounter with the mercenaries from the Iron Circle the group decided that they needed to find the Woodsinger Elves if they wanted any chance against the Iron Circle now. Wakelynne was so shaken by her brief encounter with Lord Ruthven that she was unable to go with the group to find the elves. “I will take Wakelynne back to Albridge and await your return”, Rodrik Exclaimed. They said there goodbyes, Minron, Haru, and Davlamin were on their own.

Meanwhile a traveling Bard by the name of Vathos headed north after stopping briefly at Albridge. The town was in disarray as it looked like battle would soon be upon it. “Stop!” Vathos could see that he was being stopped by 3 men and a large red drake creature on the road to his next destination. The group threatened the Tiefling and ordered he pay for toll or parish. The Bard had come into situations such as this before, and spoke his way out of the situation, as the men were not too bright. As the Drake went ahead, Minron, Haru, and Davlamin came upon the tiefling who set out to introduce himself. The solders quickly saw that they had been tricked into leaving and attacked the group. The group was quick to get to the higher ground and used it to easily kill their foes. Minron explained the situation in Harkenwold to Vathos and the Bard decided that he was better off in the company of these men then to set of on his own for now. It was not his fight but it looked like it had just become his fight.
Elven archer by chriss2d
The adventurers set out once again and it was not long before they had found the Woodsinger Elves. “What is your business here in our woods?” At that moment two elves appeared from seemingly no where with bows drawn at them. Minron explained that they were in need of the elves help against the Iron Circle. The elves then explained that if they wanted their help they would have to convince their leader Eriyel. The group was brought to the what seemed to be the throne room for the elves. There were no walls or roof just the tree tops and a large vine covered chair where Eriyel sat speaking to a young elf who seemed to be a some sort of mage. She began to speech in a language none of them could understand. LUCKILY there new follower Vathos could speech Elven. Eriyel explained that it was not their fight and that the hoped the Iron Circle would soon leave. Minron, with Vathos translating, explained they needed them to win. Eriyel thought on the issue and agreed to help IF the group could rid them of their hated enemies the goblins. They had taken over an old Eldarin ruin and were in the process of helping an ancient evil mage named Yisarn. The group agreed to the terms and set out to find the ruins but not before Eriyel offered the help of Feilin Harkfade, one of the rangers who had originally stopped the group in the woods. The young elf girl who was really an Eldarin wizard also agreed to help the group, she later introduced herself as Andraste. Minron also asked the elves to look after Davliman who had been injured badly over the past few days.

The group left and with the help of their elven guide found the ruins. As they approached the site they were attacked by nearby nesting spiders. The new group seemed to come together quickly as they fought. Goblins soon joined in on the action but were quickly dispatched. The new members of the group quickly earned their keep as Vathos healed his comrades, Feilin shot with great precision, and Andraste summoned fire to consume the enemies. Soon the battlefield was calm and the group stepped forth into the ruins to fulfill their end of the bargain.

No Time Left

Earlier in the day Wakelynne and Rodrik began their trek back to the safety of Albridge. It was not long before they realized that Albridge may be just a dream. The roads were littered with Iron Circle solders seemingly making their way to Harken and the Iron Keep. It took nearly 2 hours to go a quarter of a mile. Eventually they were spotted as they hide in the nearby bushes by a woman on a horse carrying a friendly face. It was DAR GREMITH! He was badly wounded but alive. He told the two that he and the others were tortured, he alone was released to go to Albridge and as Redthorn himself said, “go back to your people old man, soon they will all die and you will be responsible for it.” He told the pair they needed to find their comrades, join forces with the Woodsinger Elves, and return to Albridge as fast as they can go.

Later that day the rest of the group consisting of Andraste, Felin, Haru, Minron, and Vathos are about to enter the ruins when they spot the familiar faces of Rodrik and Wakelynne. Rodrik explains the gravity of the situation and that they must work fast if they wish to save the people of Albridge. Andraste began the ritual by pouring the blood of a green dragon on the altar of the ruin. Soon our heroes were teleported inside of a dungeon. Quickly they realized they just entered a world of trouble as they see they are surrounded by goblins and 2 drakes caged close by. The goblins quickly sprung into action surrounding the group and dividing them in half. One goblin released the drakes that seemed to be hungry for blood. The leader of the goblins, a mage of some sort, opened up a fury of blows onto Haru and Minron. The goblins were able to get the upper hand early on but it did not last long. Once the heroes had assess the battle before them they attacked with the unity and fury the goblins had never seen. Andraste and Minron soon closed the cages to the drakes so that they could not escape. Rodrik and Wakelynne began to thin the ranks of the goblins around them. Minron went into a rage as he killed one after another, after another. The goblin numbers had soon thinned out as they drakes finally broke free. In the meantime Vathos, Haru, and Felin took the fight to the goblin mage. He was soon weakened and teleported into to the safety of a barrier. It did not last long as Haru broke through the barrier like it was glass. He soon took the fight to the leader as Vathos put an end the goblin mages reign. Once the goblins were dead the group made quick work of the drakes. As Minron busted through one of the cages to gore the drake as Felin shot the other right in the heart.

The group began to search the room as they found out that the goblins planned to ransack 3 other ruins as well for some plan of theirs. Minron, Vathos, and Rodrik found 4 potions. Two seemed to be minor health potions, a stamina potion, and a mysterious brown potion.

PwnedAs they looked around, Andraste had felt a dark presence from the nearby room. Two ominous iron doors stood before them. The group split between the two doors and opened them. In front of them stood a large skeleton force with a large spider almost hidden within its web and the skeleton mage, Yisarn , stood behind his forces. Minron moved into the room but soon fell through the floor into a spiked pit. The others began to use ranged attacks to lure the skeletons and spider to them. It was unsuccessful. The spider shot web after web at Felin, Wakelynne, and Rodrik. They could not move nor see the spider’s next attacks against them. Haru proceeded to grab a large wooden table to put onto the trap so that they could cross to safety as Minron made his way out of the pit, he then drank the brown potion which immobilized him for some time. The ranged attacks of Felin, Vathos, and Andraste soon killed the spider. Soon Rodrik, Haru, and Minron, who had just come out of a dazed state, were able to cross into the skeletons territory. They were soon overwhelmed by the numbers game as the rest of the group looked on in terror. Eventually they found the courage to join the fight, sending in their most powerful maneuvers to no avail. The closer Haru and Rodrik got closer to Yisarn the more fiercely the skeletons attacked them. Vathos was soon blooded along with Minron as they tried to heal their companions. The group soon realized if they wanted to survive they needed to kill Yisarn fast. The group gave everything they had from the Iron fists of Haru, the fierce shout of Vathos, the fire warrior of Andraste, to the final blow that Minron gave to the creature severing his head from his shoulders. As his head hit the floor the creature spoke. “Master shall prevail!” before he and his skeleton army vanished before them. With Yisarn dead the group searched his lair and found many things that could help them against the Iron Circle. Soon the group was ready to leave to travel to the Woodsingers to tell them of the good news.
Skeleton army

Before the Storm

Our heroes had defeated the evil skeleton wizard Yisarn and continued their journey back to the Woodsinger Elves. Once arriving back in the camp, Eriyel thanked the group for their service to the Woodsinger elves. Eriyel told them that they would hold up their end of the bargain and send over 70 warriors to the aid of Albridge in 2 days time. The group was once again joined by Davlamin, who seemed to be in better shape than when they had left him hours earlier. The journey back to Albridge was a moment for the group to get to know one another before they could eventually meet with the full force of the Iron Circle. Many in the group questioned Davlamin about his past to little result as he seemed to put off any questions asked of him, while Rodrik was able to tell the others that he was indeed from the Fey world and had connections to the Eladrin city of Astrazalian.

It was not long before the group had arrived back to a different Albridge then the one they had left just a week and a half back. The city had been turned into a makeshift fortress to combat the Iron Circle. The group was stopped by some villagers turned warriors asking who they were. They quickly proved they were not from the Iron Circle and were allowed to enter the city. They soon found their way to a battered Dar Gremith told the group of the situation. He was confused on where to place his troops and asked them for their opinion. The group was divided on how to separate the troops but eventually they agreed to the Halflings to flank, the solders went to the front line, the villagers from the town, and the archers from the wall when they would arrive. The group then separated to prepare for war in their own ways.

As the group reconvened they noticed that Davlamin was nowhere to be found. They went in search of him and quickly found out that he was seen going into an abandoned house. The group approached with caution. Felin soon listened to the door and could hear chanting coming from inside. As the group tried to figure out the next step Davlamin soon emerged from the house. As he left he was questioned by Vathos who soon wore on the mages last nerve. Haru quickly grabbed the Tiefling knowing that the bard was about to get himself into trouble.

Ssm old house 1 large

The next morning came as the group continued to help with the town’s preparations until they were approached by Dar Gremith. He told them that the people were scared and discouraged. The Iron Circles over confidence in destroying the town wore heavy on their hearts. He asked them to give a speech to the crowd pushing the group forward. Felin was able to slip by and returned to the abandoned house where Davlamin was the day before. He approached and listened. He heard the same chant as before and felt a huge force of arcane that knocked him down. He then fled fearing what the mage was up to, soon after the group had begun to speak to the crowd. Vathos convinced them they needed to fight for their families, Andraste and Rodrik spoke of the gods, and Felin spoke of their strategy against the over confident Iron Circle. Soon after the speech was over Eriyel soon arrived early with her forces and went to prepare for the next day. That night was quiet as the group rested. All that could be heard was the wind in the brush and the sound of Vathos singing on watch off in the distance.


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