The Defenders of Harkenwold

No Time Left

Earlier in the day Wakelynne and Rodrik began their trek back to the safety of Albridge. It was not long before they realized that Albridge may be just a dream. The roads were littered with Iron Circle solders seemingly making their way to Harken and the Iron Keep. It took nearly 2 hours to go a quarter of a mile. Eventually they were spotted as they hide in the nearby bushes by a woman on a horse carrying a friendly face. It was DAR GREMITH! He was badly wounded but alive. He told the two that he and the others were tortured, he alone was released to go to Albridge and as Redthorn himself said, “go back to your people old man, soon they will all die and you will be responsible for it.” He told the pair they needed to find their comrades, join forces with the Woodsinger Elves, and return to Albridge as fast as they can go.

Later that day the rest of the group consisting of Andraste, Felin, Haru, Minron, and Vathos are about to enter the ruins when they spot the familiar faces of Rodrik and Wakelynne. Rodrik explains the gravity of the situation and that they must work fast if they wish to save the people of Albridge. Andraste began the ritual by pouring the blood of a green dragon on the altar of the ruin. Soon our heroes were teleported inside of a dungeon. Quickly they realized they just entered a world of trouble as they see they are surrounded by goblins and 2 drakes caged close by. The goblins quickly sprung into action surrounding the group and dividing them in half. One goblin released the drakes that seemed to be hungry for blood. The leader of the goblins, a mage of some sort, opened up a fury of blows onto Haru and Minron. The goblins were able to get the upper hand early on but it did not last long. Once the heroes had assess the battle before them they attacked with the unity and fury the goblins had never seen. Andraste and Minron soon closed the cages to the drakes so that they could not escape. Rodrik and Wakelynne began to thin the ranks of the goblins around them. Minron went into a rage as he killed one after another, after another. The goblin numbers had soon thinned out as they drakes finally broke free. In the meantime Vathos, Haru, and Felin took the fight to the goblin mage. He was soon weakened and teleported into to the safety of a barrier. It did not last long as Haru broke through the barrier like it was glass. He soon took the fight to the leader as Vathos put an end the goblin mages reign. Once the goblins were dead the group made quick work of the drakes. As Minron busted through one of the cages to gore the drake as Felin shot the other right in the heart.

The group began to search the room as they found out that the goblins planned to ransack 3 other ruins as well for some plan of theirs. Minron, Vathos, and Rodrik found 4 potions. Two seemed to be minor health potions, a stamina potion, and a mysterious brown potion.

PwnedAs they looked around, Andraste had felt a dark presence from the nearby room. Two ominous iron doors stood before them. The group split between the two doors and opened them. In front of them stood a large skeleton force with a large spider almost hidden within its web and the skeleton mage, Yisarn , stood behind his forces. Minron moved into the room but soon fell through the floor into a spiked pit. The others began to use ranged attacks to lure the skeletons and spider to them. It was unsuccessful. The spider shot web after web at Felin, Wakelynne, and Rodrik. They could not move nor see the spider’s next attacks against them. Haru proceeded to grab a large wooden table to put onto the trap so that they could cross to safety as Minron made his way out of the pit, he then drank the brown potion which immobilized him for some time. The ranged attacks of Felin, Vathos, and Andraste soon killed the spider. Soon Rodrik, Haru, and Minron, who had just come out of a dazed state, were able to cross into the skeletons territory. They were soon overwhelmed by the numbers game as the rest of the group looked on in terror. Eventually they found the courage to join the fight, sending in their most powerful maneuvers to no avail. The closer Haru and Rodrik got closer to Yisarn the more fiercely the skeletons attacked them. Vathos was soon blooded along with Minron as they tried to heal their companions. The group soon realized if they wanted to survive they needed to kill Yisarn fast. The group gave everything they had from the Iron fists of Haru, the fierce shout of Vathos, the fire warrior of Andraste, to the final blow that Minron gave to the creature severing his head from his shoulders. As his head hit the floor the creature spoke. “Master shall prevail!” before he and his skeleton army vanished before them. With Yisarn dead the group searched his lair and found many things that could help them against the Iron Circle. Soon the group was ready to leave to travel to the Woodsingers to tell them of the good news.
Skeleton army



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