He is skilled with any weapon however he prefers his fists.

Haru does not really get along with others, and usually prefers to do things himself.


Stranded as an orphan at a young age Haru used his primal instincts to survive in the world. Living in the woods for many years hunting and fishing primitively. One day as Haru was in the woods malnourished and on the edge of death, A older gentle man by the name of Himura took him in. Haru awoke in the strange man’s house if a small rage being unfamiliar with where he was. Himura calmed Haru down and offered him a place to call home. Himura once revered and feared in his youth as a master of martial arts and his skill with a blade unrivaled. However, Himura retired from this life to live in the country and have a simple life. Haru was offered the chance to learn from this man his knowledge of the arts to defend himself and others. One day on his way back from training in the forest Haru saw an amber glow from the horizon of the place he grew to call home his masters house. Smoke was rising above the trees and the smell of fire was in the air. Haru rushed back as fast as he could. He arrived to his home to only find it burnt to the ground and his master nowhere to be found. Haru swore vengeance on whom ever did this to the man who took him in and cared for him. After he made a grave for his master and dried his tears he set out to fine the one who destroyed his peaceful life. With only revenge on his mind Haru will not let anything nor anyone get in his way of exacting revenge on those who tore his world apart.


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