Wakelynne was a young Kalashtar at the age of 18 when her people were in hiding from the Dreaming Dark living in the hidden temples of Adar. Somehow an evil vampire of the name of Lord Ruthven found them with his militia in search of gaining the Kalashtar’s power of being able to transport through their dreams. Her people went into an epic battle against the vampire militia and thinking she was able to defend herself properly because of her training from her father Wakelynne entered the battle.
When she arrived half of her people were dead including her father and the vampires were winning. The kalashtar are normally very peaceful serene people, however when they are angered they go into a frenzy that cannot be stopped. Showing up to this bloodbath Wakelynne entered that frenzy and began to tear apart everyone in sight, including her own mother. When she finally came back to reality everyone on the battle field was dead except for herself, Lod Ruthven and 3 of his main followers. Being very intrigued by this young Kalashtar Lord Ruthven decided he wanted her on his side. So her turned her into a vampire. The last thing she remembered was a sharp seering pain to her neck and then blackness.
She awoke 3 days later in a cave with a human standing by her side. This is her companion Rodrik. He had heard the battle from a distance and saw what Lord Ruthven had done to her and being the Lawful Good man he is he took her under his care. From here Rodrik and Wakelynne set out to rid the world of Harkenworld of evil.
Wakelynne suffers the inner battle of doinbg her best to resist the vampire growing within her, although now that her blood is tainted she can never again use her Kalashtar powers to return home. She is so embarrassed and ashamed of herself she keeps herseld hidden under a black cloak and mask so no one can ever see what has become of her.


Satus: Alive
Companion: Rodrik


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